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Mayakoba Sonoma Double Powder Device

Estimated delivery date Sunday, January 23rd
The "Sonoma Double Powder Device" is a wonderful shelf unit to display all of your powders.  The 10 double tiered rows will hold approximately 400 powder containers and with 6 separated drawers for inventory storage that make it easy to have backups when needed.


  • Product DIM: 46"(W) x 19"(D) x 68"(H)
  • Hold up to 400 2 oz Powder Jars
  • Product DIM: 49.5"(L) x 18"(W) x 68"(H)
  • Bottom Cabinet 18"D x 14.5" H x 47.5" W
  • 6 Separate Drawers 13.5" W x 7.25" H x 14.5" D
  • Each drawer is divided into 8 compartments 1.5" W x 2'25" H x 14.5" D